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Since 1988, our AI experts have been building digital twins of the real world using neural network Artificial Intelligence (AI), originally using the 4Thought software we created.

Most AI companies today apply big data to speech, text and vision recognition for social media.

We focus on modelling and understanding the real world in fine detail, because we realize that everything and everyone is unique.

what is a Digital Twin ?


A digital twin is an AI model of something, or comparable things, in the real world.

For example:


to perfect design and forecast demand

Human Resources

to understand what people want and do

Machines & Processes

to optimize performance and maintenance

Business Units

to benchmark and predict performance


to dispassionately quantify uncertainties

Forensic Accounting

to identify unusual behaviour


to measure its impact

Medical Records

to measure clinical effectiveness


to measure price sensitivities

with a Digital Twin you can



what the real world will do


the impact of a change


why the twin does what it does


the factors that drive performance


offline to optimize performance

Identify Anomalies

where the real world twin does not behave as expected

how do work ?

How we work


Our goal is to offer you the benefits of AI without you having to become an expert

We transform your data into useable form. Then we build and continuously refine its digital twin

We can then provide analyses based on the digital twins for you, package the twins into C++ or Excel format, or provide continuously updated twins as an online service

our existing Digital Twins include


Luxury Brands

for price sensitivity analysis and customer segmentation

Financial Accounts

for anomaly detection and best practice analysis

Advertising Campaigns

for measuring impact on sales and return on investment

Credit Risk

to calculate risk and explain credit decisions

Customer Demand

for supply chain management


for content success prediction and media distribution optimization

Retail Outlets

to explain performance and for new site selection

Chemical Reactions

to maximize yield and safety

Financial Markets

for forecasting and what-if analysis


for highest accuracy metrology


for precise motion control and fault detection

National Economies

for economic forecasting and policy impact analysis

Energy Demand

for forecasting and supply planning

Delivery Routes

for logistics optimization

Big Data

for key feature distillation and data compression

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